Visum Ventures Inc.

Our Brands

Koomi PH

Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt originated from Australia. It is bannered by their famous purple rice yogurt drink. This chewy, creamy, and healthy treat has a growing following, especially in Asia and Australia, and is making waves internationally with its simple yet solid promise of #GuiltlessGoodness that many can experience. This overwhelming response resulted in opening four more branches in Australia, which eventually led to international outlets across Southeast Asia like Thailand and Malaysia.

Every cup of Koomi is made healthy with natural yogurt and fresh fruits. What started with healthy yogurt drinks has expanded to healthy yogurt cakes and healthy froyos.

Oh My Greek!

Authentic Greek Food at Its Funnest!

Introducing Oh My Greek, a modern twist to one of the world’s favorite cuisines. This new comfort food restaurant curated by Visum Ventures, aims to make the Greek food experience accessible to Filipinos who seek satisfaction in delightful discoveries.

Meraki by Oh My Greek

‘Meraki’ [may-rah-kee] is a Modern Greek work often used to describe doing something with soul, creativity, and love. Those looking for elevated Greek cuisine can find it at Meraki.


Healthy Has Never Been This Happy!

Introducing ZIG, the newest spot to fulfill your healthy, hearty, and happy meal cravings. ZIG aims to make fresh ingredients that deliver health benefits, satiety, and delight, accessible to most Filipinos. Thus, inspiring everyone to start eating healthier food choices without feeling deprived of satisfaction.

Santé by Zig

Santé’ [sã-te] is an Old French word that means health or fitness. It is often used as a toast to good health. For those looking for more spontaneous dishes, Sante delivers a premium casual ZIG experience.

Salt and Ice

Fresh oysters, crafty cocktails, remarkable dishes, rustic-industrial ambiance – a unique oyster bar experience awaits!


Think Different. Drink Different.

There’s no tea brand out there like T2.

Discover beloved classics, innovative blends, and unique tea wares from the tea company that celebrates all flavors and tastes.

T2 Tea is reinventing the humble tea leaf. From small beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, it has taken the traditional art of tea, turned it on its head, and taken it to the world. Now with over 20 years experience and over 100 stores worldwide, the brand has reached our shores to redefine tea experience for Filipinos.

T2 was born out of a desire to be unlike anything else, to break the mould and challenge the way things are done. The brand is a magnet for individuality because there’s no tea brand out there like it. So who better to celebrate standing out than a tea brand that has always stood out?